Shakespeare is a Black Woman

I know you are only a 3rd of the way through my last blog post, but since I have made a commitment to myself to post here on Thursdays and Mondays, I am going to forge ahead.

I’ll take it easy on you this time and keep a low word count and instead share a videos that has really resonated with me.

Also, here are a few books I currently have my nose in (as I finish them, I’ll share about them here):

Will & Me by Dominic Dromgoole

Shakespeare in America by Alden T. Vaughn & Virginia Mason Vaughn

Shakespeare and the American Musical by Irene G. Dash

Now on Monday there will be words…stay tuned

One thought on “Shakespeare is a Black Woman

  1. Oh Maya!! I love her so—thank you for this clip and the incredible insight from Ms. Angelou. This is also one of my favorite sonnets. I must go back now and reexamine as a Japanese American and see that it inclludes my family history of WWII Internment. Shakespeare is for me, too!!!! Thank you, Dawn, I look forward to your coaching me!!!!!

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